Photography Camera Basics

So, you just purchased your beautiful new camera with all the bells and whistles. It has these great new lenses and features. So now what? 
Let me take the guesswork out of learning all the features of your camera. In my 3 hour class we will go over: 
-Lens selection 
-Understanding your cameras functions 
-Basics of composition 
-Shooting outdoors 
I know the feeling everyone is going through after the purchase of their new camera. You feel intimidated with all the buttons and features and you just want to take a decent picture of your family and friends. I was once in the same situation as well.  
This course is for the aspiring beginner photographer who wants to feel more comfortable using their camera. I will help you demystify all the camera features regardless of the camera model you have. We will go over all the different aspects involved in taking a great picture so you can feel more confident on your own.  
Class sizes will max out to 10 participants and will be held in a classroom setting. Feel free to connect with me if you need further info. 
phone 954.401.8781 
Click on the pay now button below to register for our next class to be held February 8th. 
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